The NetDBooster is able to raise the thermal resolution above the limits of the camera. To achieve this, you have to make several shots with the camera mounted on a tripod to make sure the visual angle is always the same. After loading these files in IrTool, they are merged into one picture to increase the signal to noise ratio. The more files, the better. This function can be extremely useful for owners of the cheaper Testo models, as they have a lower thermal resolution.

The following example was made of 13 shots from a Testo 875-1. On the left hand, one of the original shots can be seen - the layout of the floor heating can hardly be identified. The computed thermogram on the right side may not be as good as if it was made with a high-end camera, but the floor heating, the floor tiles and the walls on the right are easily identified.

In most cases, 4-6 shots are enough to produce an impressive result, which can be saved as a fully radiometric bmt file afterwards.

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