Possible Applications

The difference function helps visualizing changes between two shots of the same motiv at different points in time, which is crucial for active thermography.  But almost all other areas of thermography can also benefit from this technology, e.g. comparing a electric installation before and after switching a load.


On the left side of the program, open the images to analyze. The upper one is the first (in time), the lower one the latter. The "Invert" switch logically swaps the images, so that a positive change in temperature will be a negative one.

The direction buttons in the "Positioning" panel allow shifting one picture in the 4 directions to align both pictures, in case the camera has moved a little bit between the shots. If you switch from "Manual" to "Automatic" positioning, the program tries to do that aligning by itself.

Whenever you change a option, the result image in the lower right gets updated automatically:




The "Denoise" switch activates the noise-cancellation, which can be fine-tuned with a slider below:



Switching on "Blower Mode" adds a fusion with a grey scale image, which is a cool way to visualize the changes:


As with every other function, results can be saved as fully radiometric BMT file, even the greyscale fusion.

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