Thermal imagers made by Testo come with a free software called "IrSoft", which is ideally suited for daily business. However there are some features that each of us has on his wishlist for some time. This is what I want to address with "IrTool". It is not ment to replace IrSoft, it is here to complement it.

Please take a first look in the "features" section on the top of this page to learn what IrTool ca do right now - calculating difference images for example:

IrTool can be downloaded free of charge and tested with included sample pictures. If this is not sufficient, you can unlock your camera for a trial period of 14 days - simply write a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with your name and the serial number of your camera. Finally, ordering the software permanently unlocks your camera and secures further development of IrTool!

News are published in the blog, and the forum is the place for discussions.

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